Wolff Tanning Beds Prices and Reviews

Read more on the prices and reviews of Wolff Tanning Beds. First discovered in America by Wolff Tanning in the year 1979, a tanning bed is a beauty advancement device that emits ultraviolet radiations (typically 3 percent UVB, +/-3 percent, and 97 percent UVA) to produce a cosmetic tan.

Even though the tanning beds were brought to America initially by Friedrich Wolff in the year 1979, he almost immediately patented his blend of phosphors and licensed the technology interested companies.

Adoption of the Wolff Tanning Bed

Among the early adopters of Wolff’s technology included the SCA Industries, Sun Industries, Inc., Sunal, and Montego Bay among others.

Later on, Friedrich Wolf sold the Wolff systems company to his brother Jorg. Jorg was the founder of another pioneering industry known as Cos-medico limited.

The introduction of a tanning bed in the US in the year 1979 by Wolff led to the regulation of its use. Among these regulations are the 21 CFR 1040.20 Acts of the Food and Drug Administration.

This Act was later amended in 1986 and included eye protection, warning labels as well as lamb compliance.

These regulations were made to ensure that lambs that were in the market for either home use or commercial use adhered to a set of rules that concerned safety.

These rules were primarily focused on the tanning beds as well as lamp manufacturers in relation to maximum product equivalence and exposure times.

Additionally, states have the prospects to offer measure for their salons in regards to operator training, warning signs and the sanitization of tanning beds and eyewear, and additional warning signs.

Despite the health implications, companies continue to licence the Wolff name as they use it for recognition in the market place.

Even though the use of Wolf name has diminished over time, companies are coming up with better tanning beds than Wolf’s.

A tanning bed is made up of several parts. These parts include; boost transformers, timing belt ballasts, contractors, fun and grills, switch and fuse holders, fluorescent tubes, F72 and F73 adapters, tanning belt acrylics, pillows, and lamp starters among other gadgets.

All these gadgets are important and they should form time to time be serviced for effective performance. Pillows found inside the tanning bed is used to provide the user with comfort.

Since the use of tanning beds has many health risks, the timing belt offer the user the ability to measure the correct time he or she stays inside the bed.

Also known as tanning lamps, florescent tube do not only produce light necessary for the tanning process, but also emit radiation that plays a major role. A normal tanning bed is made of several fluorescent lamps.

These lamps emit the radiations that tan the skin. Since tanning beds main purpose is the enhancement of beauty, there is an urgent need to ensure that all the parts are constantly checked.

These fluorescent lamps contain phosphor which is designed to emit ultraviolet with a spectrum to that similar to the sun. The smaller home tanning beds are usually made of 12 to 28 100 watt lamps.

On the other hand, the commercial tanning systems commonly found in salons are made up of between 24 to 60 lamps, each of 100 to 200 watts.

There are also tanning beds made from high pressure. These tanning beds generate UVA and UVB with the use of highly specialized reflector systems, quartz lamps as well as filters.

These kinds of tanning beds are less commonly used and more expensive.

The tanning bed is similar to a tanning booth. However, the difference is that on a tanning booth, a person stands and the power emitted is usually higher.

Most of these beds emit ultraviolet (UV) rays. The UV rays have adverse effects on individuals because they increase the risk of contracting melanoma. Melanoma is widely known to be among one of the deadliest skin cancer diseases.

The misuse of a Wolff tanning bed without wearing goggles may also lead to serious eye conditions. These eye effects include arc eye or slow blindness. Therefore, users of tanning are advised to regulate the use of tanning belts.

Wolff Tanning Bed Prices and Reviews

Wolf Tanning beds are known to be of the best quality because of the repetition the brand got from the founder (Wolff Tanning). There are two types of Wolff tanning beds.

These are the commercials and those that are made for home use. A tanning bed has many similarities to a tanning booth. Despite the fact that tanning belt has similarities, they also have differences.

In a tanning booth, the user stands and the power emitted is usually higher.

Although tanning beds are not very common, they are very expensive and are associated with celebrities.

From a recent review of the top classified sites such as eBay and Amazon, I discovered that that the commercial tanning beds were more expensive than those for domestic use.

These tanning beds were commonly found in sizes of 6 feet, 7 feet, and 8 feet.

These sizes are made to suit the different heights of its users.  As there are tanning beds that could cost as little as 4000 USD, there are others that shoot up to 40000 USD.

These prices were different because of unique features that were found in every tanning bed.

I was able to learn that the Parts Department Manager for Heartland Tanning was also responsible for the distribution of Tanning parts in the US.

Over the years, Heartland Tanning has been able to assemble the most complete parts department, especially for the indoor tanning industry.

Most of the tanning bed parts that the Heartland Tanning has in stock are the original OEM part that comes from the manufacturer. Therefore, users can easily access tanning bed parts from Heartland Tanning’s website.

Heartland Tanning offers salon a variety of tanning lamp brands that ensure compatibility with all major tanning apparatus models and makes which include high-pressure units as well as tanning booths units.

Heartland’s extensive lines of tanning lamps offer innovative technology and top performance at affordable prices.

In search of the most recent tanning, I was able to go through some of the most popular classified websites such as ebay.com.

The most recent tanning bed from Wolf tanning’s official website (wolfftanning.com) was the 2005 Sontegra SPB 3000 – 30 Lamp Tanning Bed.

This tanning bed costs 1229 USD. The model of this tanning lamb was E-05STG30. Unfortunately, the company’s website had only 3 pieces available for sale.

This model required up to 230V – 20AMP Breaker. A six-month warranty is applied to this tanning bed.

Comparing the company’s official website price with ebay.com and amazon.com, the official website had a better price offer for this particular model.

Tanning beds from the official website had gone out of stock because of the high demand. The official website has parts for all Virtual Sun, SunMaster, and Alpha Sun tanning beds.

It also carries the parts for Sonnen Braune, older Montego Bay, Suntana, and Sundash beds.

However, the available tanning beds only carry lamps and ballasts and lamps for Ergoline, Puritan, Tan America, SunVision, SunQuest, SunStar among others.

The solar wave 16 Lamp Home tanning bed sold at 1608 USD at amazon.com is at 33pecent. Buyers have the privilege to gain free shipment in 1 to 3 weeks and sold by Wayfair.

This tanning bed from amazon is designed to provide the user with a soothing home-based tan.

With high output lamps on the bottom and the top, the 16 high-efficiency tanning bed produces quicker and uniform results for the user.

This tanning plugs into the traditional 110-volt output and it has an extruded aluminum construction that portrays its beauty.

With 90 percent of its parts pre-assembled, this tanning bed available on amazon is made of high-performance acrylic sheets. The tanning bed measures 67 by 28 inches, which is the average height of any user.

With a two-year powertrain warranty, the tanning bed offers a user the confidence to purchase without fear.

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