SunQuest Tanning Bed Reviews, Prices & Parts

How much do tanning beds and bed parts cost? Tanning beds are machines used in place of the sun to produce an artificial tan by emitting ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

Sunquest tanning beds are specially designed to emit 95% of Ultra Violet A (UVA) and only 5% of Ultra Violet B (UVB).

However, Sunquest has designed some new forms of tanning beds that produce only UVA.

The elimination of UVB through the use of filters is aimed at increasing the safety of the beds because of the carcinogenic nature of UVB.

Sunquest Tanning Bed Parts

Sunquest tanning beds are made up of a variety of parts that are enjoined to make up a single tanning bed. In the composition of the beds, there are acrylics which are panels, but they vary in appearance from bed to bed.

They are also of different types including acrylic canopy, acrylic Base PL70, and acrylic ADV 400 base among others.

Air filters are also a part of the tanning bed and they are used for keeping the beds clean by allowing air to keep entering the beds and are of different sizes and shapes.

Audio parts are present in tanning beds which are used to produce sound and they include amplifiers, audio boxes, speakers, and other components.

The application of buck boosters in Sunquest tanning beds is for the regulation of electric voltages to enhance proper bed performances, but the size of the transformers depends on the type of bed.

Decorative parts are used in these beds to enhance the look of the beds, whereas the beds contain electrical parts including capacitors, lamp holders, switches, and fans as a way of enhancing the safety and reliability of the beds.

Remote timers are used in beds that are available in tanning salons to mark time duration.

Profiles and trims are present in the beds and the use of end caps and hinges is important in joining bed parts together to make a complete and functional tanning bed.

Gas springs are important in tanning beds as they are responsible for holding canopies properly open and they should be replaced if they start to wear out.

Hardware kits in tanning beds include access pane keys, exhaust hoses, castors, air hose adaptors, and foot caps that together comprise a tanning bed’s hardware kit.

Access panels in tanning beds are applied to cover the beds and they are of different sizes and shapes and are used in different parts of the beds.

Warning labels and logo decals qualify as tanning bed parts and they are used in guiding the users of tanning beds on how to use the beds and what specific areas to use for some specified functions.

There are miscellaneous parts of tanning beds whose description does not fit into any of the above-discussed parts.

Thus, they are nicknamed miscellaneous parts and they include accent lamp sleeves, air dams, damper extensions, stereo mountings among others.

Sunquest Tanning Bed Bulbs

Sunquest tanning bed bulbs are responsible for emitting the UV rays that are needed by tanning bed users in the acquisition of the desired tan.

However, these lamps are different in the type of bed that they are compatible with and the amount of tan that they emit.

The bulbs are strategically placed to maximize the reflecting rays to provide the required tan for certain types of tanning beds. The range of tanning bed bulbs is in the form of their wattage and size.

Tanning lamp bulbs wattage ranges between 80W, 100W, 140W and 160W while the size of the bulbs ranges include F59, F71, F72, and F73.

The beds usually use more than one bulb and the size and wattage of the bulbs in a certain bed are not uniform. These bulbs need to be replaced after 700 hours of use because, at this point, their output is usually 70% or below.

However, the duration of use can vary from 700 hours to 1000 hours depending on the type of bulb.

Sunquest Tanning Bed Prices

How much does a Sunquest tanning bed cost? Sunquest tanning beds exist in a range and their prices range depending on the type and design of beds that one wants to purchase.

One of the Sunquest models is the Sunquest 16SE tanning bed. This bed has a 110 voltage capacity and it retails for 1649 dollars.

  • Another category of the SE tanning beds category is the Sunquest 24 SE which retails for $1999 and is installed with a 110-volt power supply.
  • The Sunquest 16RS retails at the same price as the Sunquest 24 SE, and it has the same voltage of 110 volts.
  • Sunquest RSP category of tanning beds retails higher than the SE and RS categories as Sunquest 24RSP goes at $2799 with a 110 voltage whereas Sunquest 32RSP is valued at $3999 but with the same voltage.
  • Tanning beds that use a 220-volt power supply include the Sunquest 24RS which is available at $2599.
  • The Sunquest canopy is a simplified form of the tanning beds that retails a cheaper price of $999 and it is powered with a 110 volts power supply.

The Sunquest 14SE pro is traded at $2000 while the Sunquest Pro 26 RS can be purchased at $999. All these types of beds come with a 12-to-18-months warranty and they come in different colors and designs.

The time duration in which one is supposed to use them daily as the time limit ranges from seven minutes to twenty minutes.

Sunquest Tanning Bed Reviews

Reviews about Sunquest tanning beds are existent and they cover all the bed types. These reviews are important in advising people on which bed to buy depending on their preferences and tastes.

The Sunquest 14SE tanning bed is efficient for people who are looking for sun-kissed glow and brown skin, according to reviews for this type of tanning bed.

It comes with an 18-month warranty and has an aluminum outer design that allows the maximization of Dura Max 2000 technology.

The SunQuest 16RS has a tanning power and convenience level, both packaged at an affordable price.

It has an easy-to-use digital timer that enables users to acquire the desired deep and rich tan simply. This bed comes with an 18-month warranty and the warranty covers 90 days on acrylics, lamps, and starters.

Besides, a lifetime warranty labor and structural warranties are timed on a thirty-day duration.

The Sunquest 24RSP offers unique features as it brings the feeling of a tanning salon into your home and it has the advantage of operating on a 120-volt power capacity.

The SunQuest Pro 26 RS is responsible for offering an all surround tunnel design with 26 lamps of 100 watts each.

This form of tanning bed is efficient for home tanning solutions as it delivers some serious tanning power at attractive prices.

SunQuest 32RSP is one of the advanced forms of tanning beds that offer a deep bronze tan and it has a full remote capability where users can control it however they wish.

It has a decorative skirt and it runs on a power capability of 120 volts, thus suitable for home use. In addition, this tanning bed has 32 dark tan lamps that are responsible for enabling its users to achieve their desired tans.

All these beds are foldable and thus can be stored easily and allow room for other purposes.

However, all these lamps need to be used carefully so as to achieve uniform tans. Thus, a user needs to regulate between the back and the front and if possible, should set days in turn for the two sides.

If care is not observed and the beds are overused on one side more than the other or are used more than the required time spans, adverse side effects are a possibility.

With their right use, they are all user friendly, have cool features, and allow value on customers’ money.

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