How to Use a Flange (Toilet) Plunger Correctly

When it comes to plungers, there are two main types: the sink (regular) plunger and the toilet (flange) plunger. While they look similar, each one is designed for a specific purpose.

In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to use a toilet (flange) plunger correctly so that you can unclog your toilet without any trouble. Keep reading for tips and tricks!

What is a Flange Plunger?

A flange plunger, also known as a toilet plunger is commonly used in unclogging blocked toilets. A flange plunger has a rubber flange attached to a metal rod.

The flange plunger is inserted into the drain and pressed down to form a seal. The rod is then used to push and pull the flange up and down to create a vacuum.

How to Use a Flange Plunger

A plunger with a flange on the end is used to clear blockages in a drainage pipe or toilet. The flange fits over the opening of the drain and seals it so that the plunger can create a vacuum.

The plunger is pushed and pulled up and down to create a suction that clears the blockage. If water is being forced through the drain, it can help to pour some hot water into the overflow pipe to help break up the blockage.

How Does the Toilet Plunger Work?

The toilet plunger is a simple yet effective tool for clearing clogged toilets. It works by using the force of air pressure to push the obstruction out of the way and clear the drain.

To use a toilet plunger, simply Insert the plunger into the toilet bowl and press down firmly.

Then, quickly pull up on the plunger to create a vacuum seal. Once the plunger is sealed, begin pushing and pulling it up and down rapidly. This will create a powerful suction that will dislodge the obstruction and clear the drain.

FAQs on Flange Plunger Use

Can you use a toilet plunger on a sink?

A sink plunger is designed to create a tight seal with the sink’s drain, while a toilet plunger has a flange that creates a tight seal with the toilet’s drain.

A sink plunger will not work as well on a sink because it does not create a tight seal. A toilet plunger can be used on a sink, but it will not create as good of a seal as a sink plunger so it may not be as effective.

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