Old Furniture Removal Cost: Sofa, Couch & Free

Read more about how much it will cost to remove or dispose of old furniture from your house or office.

Once in a while, we all look for affordable ways to get rid of used or unwanted sofas, couches, and even beds. The cost varies according to a number of factors that will be discussed later in this article.

Factors that affect the cost of furniture removal

As you may know, the cost of removing furniture may vary based on a number of factors which include:

1. Location or the State of the client

For those who don’t know, the cost of some services varies by state. Furniture removal, which falls under the junk removal services is one such service whose cost depends on the state it takes place.

Take Washington DC, for example, the cost of moving furniture from an apartment in this city would obviously cost more than the cost of removing furniture in a rural region in Colorado.

2. Size or variety of the furniture to be moved

The volume of the junk to be moved has a direct effect on the total cost of the furniture removal process. In most cases, the space to be occupied by your furniture is used to determine the fee quote you get from the service providers.

3. How far from the junk removal company

The distance traveled by the furniture removal service providers determines the cost you pay.

People who are near the operational centers of the removal companies or the dumpsites of such companies pay relatively lower fees compared to those who stay far away.

4. Accessibility of the furniture is

The ease of access to the furniture is also a factor used in determining the cost of furniture removal. Some furniture removal service providers will charge you the cost of carrying the sofas to the pickup point outside the house.

In some cases, companies may recalculate the cost of you prefer to take them outside by yourself.

5. Timeframe

The time allotted for the removal also affects the price the client would pay.

For example, some clients may request to have their furniture removed on a rushed schedule (e.g. within 24 hrs.) while some may allow for up to a week of planning.

Rushed services may even cost twice more than the non-rushed services.

Furniture Removal Cost

The cost of removing furniture may vary from one service provider to the other. However, on average, the cost of removing furniture from your premise is $165

For those who wish to rent a dumpster, the cost of renting a medium size dumpster is $250.

On the other hand, hauling the furniture to a landfill costs a minimum of $75 depending on the how far the landfill is from the premise.

Free furniture removal – Does it exist?

Maybe you are sitting there wondering “where can I get free furniture removal near me?” Well, there are several ways you can achieve that. One of the most common ways to achieve this is to donate to charity organizations.

In most cases, charitable organizations offer to pick up junk furniture for free.

Old furniture removal

Do you have used furniture and are thinking of suitable ways to dispose of them. Well, there are several ways to dispose of old and used furniture including couches, sofas, beds, cupboards, etc.

Some of the recommended approaches to take care of this problem include:

#1 Selling the Sofas through Classified sites:

You can always sell clean used sofas. Numerous sites can facilitate such transactions and they include eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji, etc.

#2 Donate the Old furniture

You can always bless someone else with your old furniture. There is always someone somewhere just starting up and a furniture donation can really lift them up.

#3 Second-hand furniture stores

Many furniture stores take away old furniture. You can always make use of these stores available near you.

#4 Reuse or Recycle

Well, I know you may be looking for ways to dispose of unwanted furniture. So reusing them may not be on the to-do list. Well, think again, you never know.

Sofa & Couch removal cost

Sofa and couch removal services are always within reach. On average the price for couch removal from your premise is $100 to $200

Cheap furniture removal near me

Looking for the most affordable furniture removal services near you? Well, there are several places you can find such comparisons on the web.

One of the places to check out is those who have clearly outlined the service providers per state.

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