Ergoline Tanning Bed Reviews, Prices and Parts

Read more about the cost of the Ergoline bed and parts. Ergoline boasts as one of the finest makers of tanning beds on the planet. It is also a leading supplier of tanning products for tanning salons and for decades now, it has set standards in the industry.

These tanning products are used by people to achieve tans on their skins and acquire their desired skin colors and textures.

According to sources, tanning salons that use Ergoline products as compared to other types of tanning products are able to generate revenue at 60% higher than then salons with fewer Ergoline products.

Ergoline Tanning Bed Parts

Ergoline tanning beds are made up of many parts and each can be obtained separately just in case a replacement is needed. One of the parts of Ergoline tanning beds is the choke ballast.

The ballast comes in different watts and they are used to power tanning bed bulbs as they can make them stronger than the bulbs actually are.

The fan grill cover is used in tanning beds to act as both an air conditioner and a dehumidifier as a way of guarding the bed’s booths and also cooling exhaust parts so as to avoid overheating.

The beds also have a starter that is used in lighting up the bed lamps and connecting them to the choke ballast for their power upgrade.

The lamp holder is responsible for holding the bed lamps in place and making sure they are tightly fitted with the hope of avoiding falling down and breaking.

Tanning bed lamps also qualify as parts of Ergoline tanning beds and they are of different sizes and shapes and wattage.

Ultraviolet meters in the beds are used to indicate the voltage of the beds while relay switches are employed in the beds to control the voltages from one circuit to another. Basically the switches manage power flow from higher circuits to lower circuits.

Hinge brackets are present in the tanning beds and they are used to enjoin the main parts of the beds so as to give smooth endings and also to allow for the twisting and folding of the beds.

Just like all other tanning beds, Ergoline beds have profiles and trims which are used in conjunction with the hinges to join all the bed parts together.

Timers, timer accessories and timer switches are all used collectively in checking the time durations of the beds and mostly, they are used in tanning salons where clients pay for timed tanning periods to use the facilities.

The beds contain glass and filters and their function is to filter the air so as to keep the beds clean and maintain their durability and functionality.

Decals and labels are used to assist the tanning beds guidebooks, so as to direct their users on proper usage and ways of minimizing hazardous effects which can be experienced through the wrong or improper use of the beds.

The beds also have acrylics and buck boosters which are used for the same function as transformers to enhance the voltages and power abilities of the beds.

Miscellaneous hardware which can also be referred to as the hardware kit is a set of various components that are used in maintaining the beds or operating them when there is need to do so.

The presence of power cords and cables in the beds is evident as they are the ones which are responsible for connecting various units of the bed which need power and also for transmitting power from wall sockets to the beds.

The voltage abilities of the beds determine which cables are used in certain beds as some cannot carry high voltage powers, whereas others will consume a lot of voltage before they it reaches its destination.

All these parts are equally important on the beds and in the case where one of the parts is lacking or functioning incorrectly, then the bed will either stop functioning or will not perform as expected.

Ergoline Tanning Bed Prices

Ergoline tanning beds are of different varieties and they vary in their products depending on their quality depths. The beds also have different series and it is through these series classes that price ranges can be established.

  • The Ergoline Excellence 800 is one of the most expensive types of the Ergoline tanning beds as it has advanced features and superior quality as compared to the other types. This bed retails at $18995 whereas the Ergoline Ambition 250 is also a good and quality tanning bed that goes for $4995.
  • The Ergoline Pro 332 is trading at $2995 and it is a good make which is suitable for home solutions and small tanning salons.
  • Ergoline Soltron Champ is another make among the many types manufactured by Ergoline and it retails at $4495.
  • The difference in price of the Ergoline Ambition 300 with the Ergoline Soltron Champ is $400 as the former is sold at a price of $4895.
  • Ergoline Classic 300 is retailed at $2995 while its classic companion, the Ergoline Classic 600 has a price which is fourfold the price of the Classic 300 as its price is $8995.
  • The Ergoline 450 is a simplified make of the Ergoline beds, but it has some classic features and comes in more than one color. This type of tanning bed is available at $4495. All these bed types have fixed prices and they can be obtained anywhere at the same price.

Ergoline Tanning Bed Reviews

Ergoline tanning beds exist in a variety of forms and their separate reviews are vast.

Despite the various types, the beds exist in four types of series which allows the beds to be classified according to their quality and features and in turn determines their price values.

The prestige series is the classiest of the series and it has the capability of misting water on the face of the selected intervals.

This series also has the ability to be connected with an mp3 player and a tanner has the options of choosing their brand of music.

These two features act as refreshers for the tanner and increase the bed’s comfort when a tanner is using them.

The advantage series sets in as the second series of the Ergoline tanning beds and it has the turbo or the super power options.

According to reviews, this series is said to be a real value for customers’ money because it carries features which are above par as compared to other products in the same range in terms of pricing.

This series of tanning beds is designed with a face of extra power around which grants a tanner an ultimate tan.

The affinity series is another series of the Ergoline tanning beds that come in a range of three classes including the 500, 600 and the 800.

The glass used in this type of beds is filtered and the result gives a tanner a much quicker tan than expected.

In addition, the beds in this series are gifted with voice controls that grant a tanner the power to control it and listen to music as they enjoy the tans.

The last series of the Ergoline tanning beds is the open series. As the name suggests, these beds do not have do not have an enclosure and thus the tan is enjoyed in the open sun instead of the enclosed tan.

This product series was the first of the tanning beds by Ergoline and it can be said to be the mentor of the next generation of tanning beds.

In spite of the simplicity of this series, it is encompassed in a powerful UV environment that allows a user to enjoy while optimizing the tan experience and gives a user an equal of their money.

Through these reviews, a tanner can be able to determine the class of Ergoline tanning bed that they can be able to afford and be comfortable in using it.

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