Does IKEA Sell Bathtubs, Baths & Bathroom Vanities?

If you are looking to improve your bathroom, companies such as IKEA which deals with bathroom supplies may come to mind. In this post, we examine whether it is possible to buy bathtubs at IKEA.

Does IKEA Sell Bathtubs?

No, IKEA does not sell bathtubs even though it is known to stock other bathroom accessories and vanities.

If you are looking for bathtubs you may have to consider other retailers such as Amazon and Walmart which have supply agreements with the manufacturer of such bathroom enhancements.

IKEA Bathtubs

Small Bathtubs IKEA

Are you looking for small bathtubs at IKEA? Well, unfortunately, you cannot get bathtubs at IKEA now. you would have to go with competitors such as HEM for now.

However, you should note that competitors may not sell them affordably as you would expect them to.

IKEA Baby Bathtubs

As already stated you cannot buy baby bathtubs at IKEA because the company does not currently have an agreement with any of the manufacturers and distributors of the bathtubs.

IKEA Company Profile

IKEA is a Swedish multinational group that operates in a few business areas such as home furnishing, retail, and hospitality.

IKEA’s corporate headquarters are situated outside of Älmhult, Sweden on an 86-acre site; it will subsequently be condensed to 23 acres to make room for future facilities.

The company is controlled by the Dutch holding organization Ingka Holding BV of Amsterdam. Ingka Holding NV acts as the sole agent in IKEA franchising worldwide.

It has stores in 43 countries and territories with 203 stores total and 17 business concepts: mono-brand shops, factory outlets/outlet centers, and other parts of a chain.

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