Does CVS Have Plungers (For Toilets & Sinks)?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably found yourself in a situation where you needed a plunger and didn’t have one. You may have even had to go to CVS to buy one.

But did you know that CVS actually sells plungers? In this blog post, I’m going to compare the prices of plungers at CVS and other stores. I’ll also tell you about some of the best plungers available at CVS.

Does CVS Sell Plungers?

Yes, CVS does sell plungers and related drainage tools and chemicals in some of their outlets. You can find them in the hardware section of your local CVS store.

If you’re looking for a specific type of plunger, like a toilet plunger, you may want to call ahead to see if your local store has it in stock.

Plunger Brands at CVS

Quickie Plunger & Caddy

I was really excited to try out the Quickie Plunger & Caddy since I’ve had trouble finding a plunger that fits well in my small bathroom. Unfortunately, I was pretty disappointed with it.

The caddy doesn’t attach very securely to the plunger and kept falling off, which made it really difficult to use. And the plunger itself just didn’t seem very effective at clearing clogs. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this product.

Faucet Queen 6″ Force Cup

The Faucet Queen 6″ Force Cup is a great product! I have had mine for several years now and it has never failed me. It is very easy to use and is a great way to get your faucets clean. I would highly recommend this product to anyone!

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