5 Best Plungers for Elongated Toilet

In modern days, there are several options for the plunger for toilets that can easily confuse you.

To address this confusion, we have come up with the best plunger for elongated toilet bowls to make your toilet cleaning job easier.

Best Plunger for Elongated Toilet

The entire plunger in the listed below has been reviewed and found to be the most suitable with simple rubbers for both manual and automatic declogging of your toilet.

Simplehuman Toilet Plunger.

If you are interested in an elongated toilet plunger with a holder and capable of removing all the clod on your toilet with ease, Simplehuman Toilet Plunger is the great choice for you.


  • This tool is super strong and sturdy for strong performance and cannot break easily.
  • The plunger is eco-friendly as it is completely free from BPA and PVC.
  • Using the Simplehuman plunger does not require you any technical knowledge as it is easy and simple.
  • It is easy to clean this tool
  • This plunger is rust free and more drain due to the stainless steel rod.
  • It is perfect for odd-shaped holes where most other models will not be effective.

ToiletTree Products

ToiletTree Products is cheap and more affordable with an effective performance that will make you like it by a firsthand experience away from several good reviews written about it.


  • It is made up of rubber which is of higher quality and durable.
  • This tool has been proven to function better than other cheaper brands as reported by other reviewers.
  • It has a replacement brush head that provides an effective solution in case of a technical fixing issue.
  • It is the most effective tool to unclog your clogged toilets.
  • ToiletTree is available in several sizes to suit different sizes of your toilet.
  • It as a smooth grip with ultimate suction power.
  • It is designed with a lightweight of up to 1.85 pounds suitable for those suffering from arthritis.


  • A customer reported that this tool rust after some months.

Korky 99-4a Beehive Max Universal Toilet Plunger

  • If you have either of the following types of the toilet; TOTO, Kohler, American Standard and other modern toilets, Korky 99-4a Beehive Max Universal Toilet Plunger is the most appropriate choice.


  • It is designed in a T-Shaped handle for maximum grip while unclogging.
  • This brand has a longer length of up to 24 inches and a handle length of up to 15 inches.
  • The Beehive has a shape that gives you the needed plunge.
  • It is strong and sturdy to enhance durability.
  • Can fit perfectly in all old and new toilet including the HET toilet bowls. Fits with the Costco water ridge toilet as well.
  • It is made of a non-marking high-quality rubber that is eco-friendly, and odorless.


  • A customer reported that he bought this brand and found out that its rubber is too flexible and flimsy.

Mr. Clean 440436 Turbo

Buying Mr. clean 440436 will give you great benefits you wish in getting rid of your toilet messes especially due to its plastic handle with a comfortable rubber insert that the plunger does.


  • The Turbo plunger contains a rubber grip handle and extended rubber plunger to provide highly effective results.
  • This brand has a non-slip base.
  • Contains a large round brush for easy cleaning.
  • A customer reported that this brand has a good seal that did not deform.
  • It is designed with an extension that you can pop out if you need something to reach in a bit further into the bowl and seal it or leave it tucked under.
  • The brush is big and stiff to clear all the embedded mess around your toilet.


  • A customer reported that this tool is stiff and does may not take the detergents effectively to distribute it in your toilet sides during the cleaning process.

YUBETOND Toilet plunger

YUBETOND Toilet Plunger is the best brand we recommend because of its Dry Quickly Ventilation Design.


  • This brand uses flex TPR bristle which easily scrubs and removes all stains on the surface of the toilet without dead corners.
  • This tool goes deep into pipes and groove to easily remove dead spots and stains.
  • It has a hollow ventilation design with a hollow ventilated base and holes that discharge water droplets from the lower end making it easier to keep the base dry and clean.
  • Contains a non-slip Durable Holder made of PP material to avoid rust and bending.
  • Designed based on ergonomic principles with a humanized handle for better grip.


  • It is relatively expensive.

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