How Much Does A Bath Fitter Cost (Current Prices)?

Once in a while, we all need to replace or renovate our bathrooms, and this usually includes bathroom fixtures and essentials such as bathtubs.

This article explores the cost involved in using Bath Fitters to renovate your bathrooms and some of the best products you may need to buy in the process.

What is a Bath Fitter?

A Bath Fitter is a modern commercial and residential bathtub solution found on the market today.

They are bathroom products whose properties are updated from the traditional bathtubs to make them more time-effective and easier to use in homes.

Commercial customers and homeowners have a wide range of bath fitters to choose from.

That includes shower and tub doors, domed ceilings, seamless acrylic walls, wainscoting, and accessories, as well as shower bases and freestanding bathtubs.

Others are shower liners and acrylic bathtubs. With all these products available, you can remodel your bathroom based on your needs and preferences.

Bath Fitter Franchise Costs

Studies indicate you need about $150,000 as initial capital to invest in a Bath Fitter franchise.

These amounts include start-up expenses and the franchise fee for the freestanding, full business.

The cost further comprises expenditures on insurance, marketing, and hiring staff.

Bath Fitter Cost
Bathroom, Bathtub & Shower

Commercial customers and homeowners are relieved of the huge cost of extensive remodeling of their bathrooms when they use tub liners.

They fit over enclosures and existing bathtubs and thus, offer a quick and easy solution to those yearning to update their bathrooms at a low cost when compared to using a more general modification of bathtubs.

For bath and kitchen dealers, getting involved in the tub liner franchise gives them a great opportunity to expand their trade into a new position and area of serving the middle market.

Franchises pass through a training session of about three days before receiving more direction via on-site training by a company representative.

Fitter installers must also undergo a 10-day course. In their first task, the new installers work with visiting technical trainers on separate occasions.

The Re-Bath franchise fees vary from one location to the other based on the population of the area.

What Affects the Price of a Bath Fitter?

Different variables such as the costs incurred in the manufacturing, administration, marketing, sales, and installation among others determine the fee charged or the price of a bath fitter.

However, on average, each person incurs 4 cents in expenses.

Re-Bath requires a training program that may last as many as nine days before completion.

The exercise takes place at all the facility’s important units or departments, not excluding the production facility’s manufacturing, administration, marketing, sales, and installation divisions.

To have the Luxury Bath franchise, you must be ready to part with approximately 6 cents for every individual for a high-class territory.

An ideal territory should have not less than 200,000 people.

As a result, prices start from $12,000 onwards.

The business venture encompasses costs related to the use of the marketing materials, Luxury Bath name, sales, and marketing training fee for the owners, and a 20% discount on the price set by the dealer.

Tips and Precautions

These are some of the most important tips and precautions you must observe while using the new bath fitter unit:


  1. Repetitively wash the silicone with a 50/50 mix of regular chlorine bleach and water to help get rid of any surface bacteria and/or germs.
  2. This job can also be done using an environmentally friendly white vinegar and water solution.
  3. The mixture is not only good for removing mildew on silicone but is also cost-effective.


  1. You know very well that a soapy, wet surface may be slippery. For that reason, you must always be very careful when taking a bath.
  2. The use of slip-resistant coating when installing a bath fitter to your shower or tub helps to avoid such fatal encounters.

Bath Fitter Cost Canada

The cost of all types of bath fitters in Canada ranges between as little as $800 and approximately $1,000.

The price is for bath liners bearing the brand name of Bath Fitter which may be made up of acrylic molded sheets fitted over your shower or tub.

The fitting gives the bathroom a totally fresh new look. The cost of acquiring these liners is somehow lower than that of a new bathtub.

However, the price range mentioned above does not include additional expenses such as wall panels among other extras which may shift the total expenditure upwards.

Thus, if your question is, how much does a bath fitter cost in Canada? You have an approximate value to base your workings on when calculating the general cost of installing the innovative bath shower or tub.

Despite the fact that you can buy a tub liner at $1,000, this price only covers the tub. However, the price will increase for any additional structures included.

Many people want their bathroom to have extra developments such as a shower special or surrounding features such as built-in soap dishes, grab bars, and shelves.

Others may want it to have matching wall panels as well. For instance, the estimated cost for installing one bath refinishing is about $1,295.

The approximate price is for a bath fitter with a built-in soap dish and also containing a plain white three-walled tub/shower surround only.

The price may go as high as $2,395 if a tub liner is included in the quotation.

Bath Fitter Cost Toronto

You could be wondering how much it will cost you to replace your old shower or tub in Toronto. Well, here is your remedy.

You only need close to $1,500 on the lower side or $5,000, on the upper side to have the modern, innovative bath fitter in your bathroom.

Nationally, the average price charged for this product and service is about $3,000.

For mid-range bath fitter renewal, you will be required to install both the custom bathtub spaces and shower areas involving complete bathroom remodels.

This is a great task that requires, among others replacing an old tub or shower with a new good tile, a custom shower pan, a custom door range, and glass surround whose price ranges from as low as $4,000 to as high as $5,000.

Go Bath Fitter Canada Cost

In Canada, the cost of a bath fitter nearing the contemporary Re-Bath shower or tub fitters whose price contains the incurred expenses in architectural works cannot be estimated.

However, the price would include the estimated costs of remodeling your bathroom tub san. It involves the expenses for shower stall replacement.

Shower replacement kits, and bath fitter shower cost.

Bath Fitter Products to Buy

Since Bath Fitters basically involves installing new acrylic liners, we hereby list some of the complementary and supplementary products you may need to buy for your bath.

#1 AGPTEK Disposable Bathtub Cover Liner

Bath fitter products AGPTEK Bathtub liner

The AGPTEK bathtub liner is an odorless high-temperature-resistant cover that is suitable for salons and sauna clubs.

It is designed with anti-microbial characteristics that guarantee a high degree of prevention against contaminants commonly present in public bathhouses.

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#2 WANPOOL Disposable Individual Bathtub Bag Film

Bath fitter products WANPOOL Bathtub film This is a portable disposable bathtub film that is both strong and convenient.

The film used is thick and durable thereby making a suitable product for household, hotel, and beauty salon bathtubs

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#3 SALPPLEA Disposable Bathtub Cover Line

Bath fitter product SALPPLEA Bathtub Liner

This is a highly versatile bathtub cover liner that comes with a thickened film that has a higher breaking point.

It can be used in household, wooden, and salon bathtubs.

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Bath Fitter Tub-to-Shower Conversion Cost

While estimating the cost of shower conversion from the traditional bathroom to the current bathfitter tub, you must take into account the need to avoid slippery situations.

Moreover, you should consider the need to limit additional battles with the shower/tub shutter every moment you shampoo.

However, the cost of converting an old shower-tub bathroom into a modern bath fitter setup requires a financial commitment.

Some of the most significant tips to keep at hand are maintaining your old bathroom tub because of its value when disposing of the home.

Secondly, your best low-cost alternative is your kid.

If your traditional shower/tub was an alcove, you should replace it with a shower with additional advancements such as proper drain lines and water supply.

By doing so, you stand a chance to make substantial cuts in the total costs of making such modifications without involving the extensive extras in the new setup.

Average Cost of Bath Fitter Job

On average, the bath fitter job costs between $200 and $2,000. However, the charged price is based on available options.

But, for extras such as customizing the tile tub/shower, the average costs for the new fitting will automatically increase.

Normally, you need about $1,000 on the lower side or as much as $3,500 to have this task done.

However, the approximate price mentioned above is based on many other contributing factors, including the type, size, and complexity of the fixtures and tiles you choose.

Moreover, you will be required to part with between $500 and $1,000 in surplus to have your job well accomplished.

The additional costs cater for other expenses like custom carpentry, fixtures, new plumbing pipes, and tear-out.

More on Bath Fitter Cost and Prices

Pricing for the cost of bath fitter bathroom services is sometimes very difficult. However, the known average price of installing the fitter bath shower range between $2,000 and $7,000.

These prices, however, are estimated based on various factors. One of the most important features in costing the fitter job is the chosen bathtub.

This is one of many aspects homeowners consider when costing this product and service.

Other valuable elements you should take into account when making your approximate expenditures are the current setup and the size of the bathroom, your location, and the needed material to accomplish the task.

Furthermore, you should understand that the price of this kind of installation may increase depending on the additional features the client wants to be installed.

There are cases where you will be required to install shelves, cabinets, shower curtains, towel bars, toilets, faucets, and showers.

Bath Fitter Tub over Tub Cost

As it stands today, the least cost for installing a bath fitter is $1,000. This is the cost of the Bath Fitter’s tub transformation package.

Bath Fitter Reviews and Complaints

Their complaint reports regarding the lifetime warranty accorded to these products.

For instance, some users of these services report incurring a cool $5000 on both the surround and tub costs only to get unsatisfactory service.

There are cases where the bathroom walls start bowing from inside water or load up immediately after the installation.

There are Bath Fitter users in both Canada and the U.S. not satisfied with conversion services. The seamless installation of these tubs appears to be a total failure.

Constant resealing of such failures costs the consumers extra money.

As a result, the customers incur extra costs of as much as $100 for each service. These are some of the few issues raised about these products.

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